Saturday, February 14, 2009


The story takes place in a war time, the character wishes to include him into the war. Therefore, he has applied himself into the Government of French. But the French government has declined his application. In his mind, he keep thinks that is the mistake that he has done two years ago causes this. And this has caused him turns toward darkness. A French cruiser moves slowly towards a fortified building and throws bombs rapidly into the battlement on the hill. Light of fire from the air and ground, balls of flame and smoke of blasting bomb are around the fortifications. A searchlight from the fortress of enemy is switched on and found him. The sound of machine of an enemy monoplane is behind the character, the searchlight and bullets of gun are chasing him. He and his motor make a huge turn to avoid the pursuit of the monoplane. The searchlight is circling the sky to search the character. Suddenly, the searchlight catches him and the craft fires a bomb to him. The bomb blasts near him, but does not have any piece of bomb strike him. The decline of his application from the French Government still remembers by him. He smiles unappealing, now, he turn back and rushes to the French Government and the government cannot decline his application again. The bombs blast behind him. The outline of the war has become different from its nature, the world has ended in a crash of blistering whiteness.